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About Us

Since 2010, hatsuga has been creating scalp care service
developed with the most advanced formulas. All hatsuga
products and rituals are designed to enhance the scalp while
maintaining the experience of complete well-being and relaxation.

Hatsuga Hair & Scalp Care is proud to announce our new Hatsuga-Pro
series as a part of our natural Organic Glam. The collection consists
95% organic ingredients, each products belonging to a completely
different function for hair & scalp wellness and beauty.

We strongly believe in the essential and cyclical relationship
of nature, in the healing and soothing properties of the active
ingredients of organic plants, essential to our products.

We launch new products only in response to genuine needs
expressed by our clients, and only extensive research delivers
formulations of the highest quality and efficacy.

The Hatsuga-Pro complete products range of treatments
formulated to transform texture for stronger scalp and glossier hair.
It’s special formula generates and nourishes without overburdening
making it perfect daily beauty regime for all scalp and hair type.